Your own Aztec Posters

If you're looking for your own Aztec posters, this is a great place to start.  Of course, if you've visited the rest of this site, you'll have a much better understanding how the people and events in this art fit into Aztec history.  With that background, maybe you want your own little bit of the empire on your wall - either an inexpensive poster or a high quality framed work of art!

I searched through hundreds of posters, and chose a few of my favourites to get you started:

The Emperor Cuauhtémoc - last emperor of the Aztec empire. Read more about Cuauhtémoc and the fall of the Aztec empire here. This is an Art Giclee poster print. Cuauhtemos poster
Get Cuauhtémoc poster
This is actually a wall decal.  It shows the historic meeting between the Aztecs and the Spaniards.   Aztec war
Cultures collide
Teotihuacán as it looks today. Teotihuacán
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Diego Rivera is the most famous muralist in Mexico.  His paintings covered many historic and political topics, including the conquest of the Spanish in Mexico and the Aztec empire itself.

Here you can see typical Rivera - a rich painting of the people of Tenochtitlan (read more about Tenochtitlan in the article on Mexico City history).

It's hard to see the rich detail in this picture - check out this photo of the Tenochtitlan mural.
Diego Rivera - the Great City of Tenochtitlan
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One of the most incredible cities ever built, Tenochtitlan was an unmatched feat of engineering.  This one-of-a-kind map shows how the city was laid out, with causeways connecting it to the mainland.  This is a beautiful canvas print. Tenochtitlán map
Get the Tenochtitlán map
The last of the Aztec posters shows the start of one of the greatest clashes of cultures ever.  The start of a meeting between Cortes and the Moctezuma.  This is a colourful artist's recreation of the event. Moctezuma and Cortes meet
Get the Moctezuma and Cortes poster

Now that you've spiced up your wall with some unique Aztec art, be sure to look around the site for more about this incredible ancient civilization!