About Aztec History

About Aztec history

Hi!  My name is Jaime (Hi-may), and I'll be your guide as we learn about Aztec history.  This is the place to find out amazing facts about Aztec history and culture.  Be prepared to take yourself 600 years into the past to see the pyramids, hear the drums, smell the cooking flesh, touch the stone weapons, and taste the rich food of the ancient Aztec empire.  

It's easy to get confused about just who the Aztecs were.  In a sense, there was no one group who were "Aztec".  The empire was made up of many tribes.  You'll often hear about the Mexica people, who built the central Aztec city Tenochtitlan.  Even these people were probably a mix of tribes.

As the empire grew, other groups contributed to the people we now call Aztecs.  It really was a multicultural world.  As you learn about Aztec history, there may be many things that surprise you in this rich mix of cultures.

In fact, as you learn about Aztec history, you'll discover that the Aztec culture is not dead at all - it shows up in unexpected ways even today in Mexico.  I've enjoyed visiting many parts of Mexico myself, and I've seen how the Aztec culture lives on.  You'll be amazed.

I've enjoyed touching Aztec history for myself, but I'm indebted to many experts on the Aztec world for the information on this site.  This includes:
Dr. Manuel Aguilar-Moreno of the California State University
Dr. Richard Townsend of the Art Institute of Chicago
Gene S. Stuart author and archaeologist
Octavio Paz, Mexican nobel prize winning author and poet
Anthropologist Dr. Edgar Martín del Campo

...and many others.  (Note: these are not contributors to this site at this time, nor do they officially endorse anything here.  They are simply a few of the many who have given part of their lives to the study of the Aztec world.)

So join me as we discover the Aztec world, as it was and as it is.  Thanks for exploring Aztec-History.com!  Why not start learning about Aztec history now?

Who am I?  My name is Jaime Cóttrill C., and I live in Mexico. I've visited many of the Aztec sites for myself, have studied language and culture at the Universidad Internacional (UNINTER) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and have even visited the British Museum in London to dig up more facts about the Aztecs.  These pages come from my studies, visits to Aztec archaeological sites, and personal research.

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